Our data centers have video surveillance, physical barriers, locks, mantraps and secure access control that includes registration. We have state-of-the art fire detection and shutdown, and are connected to the fire department. We also have a 24-hour security service and can provide individual locking of racks and cages.

The centers have a level of security that covers the necessary requirements for safeguarding critical infrastructure and other business-critical IT operations. Regarding the way Basefarm operates with business-critical data management, our key words are ISO 27001 for security, ISO 14001 on HMS, ITIL for customer management and Level 1 PCI DSS 3.0 for customers who need secure credit card transactions.

The importance of IT security is deeply embedded in our organization. We have been full members of FIRST since 2013 and are also a member of a consultancy organization that deals everyday with digital security issues including DDoS, hacking, phishing and social engineering.